Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, they are. We are deeply concerned about the safety of our clients. That is why all cars are carefully washed and disinfected. Also, you can find a special safety kit with gloves, facemasks, and sanitizers in every car you rent.
Yes, we will deliver the auto you booked without any extra charges.
All clients are requested to check the car for scratches or other defects at the time of delivery. If you find any of these later, the damage fee will be charged.
Driving off-road as well as taking part in races, drifting, or any other dangerous activities that may damage the automobile are strictly prohibited. You must not use the auto for transportation of any illegal substances or arms.
Yes, we set the daily mileage limit of 250 km. If you exceed, the extra fee is charged. However, it is recommended to plan your trip in advance, so that you can discuss with our manager the duration of your trip and your destination.
The minimum age of a driver for renting an auto is 23 years old with minimal driving experience of 12 months.
We collaborate with well-reputed insurance companies in Dubai. All our automobiles have comprehensive insurance, and it includes health and life issues. This kind of insurance is applied to the driver and to the second driver or other associated passengers.
The easiest and fastest way to get a VIP auto is to book it online. Our manager will contact you for more details.
Di Marca Rental Car service does not charge any extra fees apart from the ones mentioned in the Rental Agreement. Please, be sure to read it carefully.
The security deposit money will be blocked on your card until you give back the car. This money will cover damage (unless covered by the insurance) or will be used to pay for speed tickets.
You will get an auto with a full tank. But when you return it, you must refill the amount of fuel. In case you don’t do that, an extra charge will be taken.
In case of a road accident or a breakdown, you must contact our road assistance service to get full instructions for your further actions.