Price includes 5% VAT Tax
  • Day 1485 USD
  • Week 9667 USD
  • Month 31185 USD
Price includes 5% VAT Tax
Duration of rent
Total price , USD
1485 USD per day
  • 6498 L Engine
  • 3.0 sec 0-100 km/h
  • 350 km/h Max. speed
  • 250 km Daily mileage
  • 740 hp Engine Power
  • 2021 year of release
The size of the deposit: 2180 USD

You can view information about rental conditions.

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About Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster 2021

A breathtaking driving experience is guaranteed with Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster 2021 as this supercar was designed to provide maximum comfort and amazing drive for a pilot.

Our red Aventador S Roadster is a combo of a legendary, iconic car and cutting-edge technologies. The acceleration is really fast, and the auto easily reaches 100 km/h in 3.0 seconds. The high-end V12 MPI engine performs an incredible maximum speed of 350 km/h.

Going for a ride in this amazing car is something you must definitely try at least once in a lifetime, and our rental company Di Marca gives you a wonderful opportunity to do this. We offer convenient rental conditions and top-quality service.

Design Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster 2021

The car is an embodiment of the Lamborghini’s distinguishing style with its curves, lines, and angles. And its skyward-opening doors highlight the energetic and wild spirit of the automobile.

Aventador S Roadster is equipped with a removable roof that consists of two carbon panels. The roof can easily be taken off and stored in the luggage compartment. Still, it is better to drive roofless in the warm weather and at really low speed because when you reach 65 km/h the airflow comes into the cabin, making your hair a mess.

Speaking about the trunk, when you store the roof there, it leaves no space for anything else.

As for the dimensions, the car’s body is not very small, being 478 cm long, and 113 cm high, with a wheelbase of 270 cm.

Interior Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster 2021

The interior design is simply all-in-one, uniting luxury, comfort, and sport spirit. The Aventador S Roadster’s cabin is trimmed in black and red with the usage of the highest quality materials.

Getting inside the car is not a problem at all, however, it is much easier to do when the roof is off because the scissors doors and seats are lower than the sills.

But when you get in, you realize that the exquisitely crafted seats provide wonderful support to a driver and a passenger.

Tech Specs Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster 2021

Aventador S Roadster 2020 is an improved version of the original model with a heavy-duty V12 engine, 7-speed automatic transmission, superb 4-wheel steering system. The very sound of the V12 engine makes your heart thrill with the delight. It not just a vibration or sound of an accelerating engine, it is the force personalized in a supercar.

The overall behavior of the car depends on the driving mode you choose - Strada, Corsa, Sport or Ego. The last one is an advanced option, allowing you to choose your own settings for the suspension, steering, and drivetrain.

The Lamborghini claims that this model is great for parking and operating in tight spaces, and that makes the riding of a supercar even more pleasant. Rent this supersonic car at Di Marca and check its technical abilities yourself.

Rent Terms Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster 2021

General requirements

Minimal requirements for a driver vary depending on whether a client is a resident/citizen of the UAE or not.

UAE Residents/Citizens are required to provide:

  • Passport copy
  • Emirates ID (copy)
  • Valid UAE driving licence

Clients who visit the UAE as tourists have to provide:

  • International passport (copy)
  • Tourist (Visit) Visa
  • Valid international driving licence

Please, note that Clients coming from GCC or the EU countries are allowed to use the driving licence of their home country without the International Driving Permit (IDP)

Age restrictions

The minimum age of a driver for renting an auto is 23 years old with minimal driving experience of 1 year.

Additional conditions

  • Di Marca provides services of luxury car rental without deposit in Dubai for any cars in our fleet. It means that you are paying only for the rental cost of the chosen car. We do not have any extra commissions and fees.
  • You will get a car with a full tank. If the tank is half-full (or a bit more), you have to pay 110 Dhs. In case the tank is more than half-empty, the client has to pay 220 Dhs.
  • Salik (road toll) is charged separately. Every time you pass a toll gate, you have to pay 5 Dhs.
  • If you pay with a bank card, up to 3% of the commission will be charged.
  • Upon receiving a car, you have to examine it carefully and take pictures of all scratches, indents, and so on. Make sure that all of them are documented in the lease contract.
  • At your request, we provide a child safety seat free of charge.
  • We set a speed limit of 160 km/h for all our cars. In case you exceed it more than 3 times, the rental will be stopped, and the car will be taken from you without any refund.

Follow the link, to read detailed information about Standard Terms and Conditions.


You can rent a car online or calling over the phone from 10:00 till 24:00.

Call now and enjoy the premium quality driving experience.


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