• Day 1200
  • Week 7812
  • Month 25200
Price includes 5% VAT Tax. Deposit is 0
  • 340 km/h Max. speed
  • 720 hp Engine Power
  • 250 km Transmission
  • Day 1485
  • Week 9667
  • Month 31185
Price includes 5% VAT Tax. Deposit is 2180
  • 340 km/h Max. speed
  • 720 hp Engine Power
  • 250 km Transmission
  • Day 1065
  • Week 6933
  • Month 22365
Price includes 5% VAT Tax. Deposit is 0
  • 340 km/h Max. speed
  • 720 hp Engine Power
  • 250 km Transmission

Find your car!

We have a large selection of elite class cars, supercars and SUVs by the best automotive brands.

It is always tricky to get used to different traffic rules when driving in another country.

If you plan to rent a car in Dubai, you must become familiar with current laws and road regulations.

First, it is vital to remember that laws and regulations in the UAE are carefully observed, and the government is strict about lawbreakers.

Second, the traffic is very heavy, especially during the rush hours. And the number of cars is overwhelming, mainly because everyone prefers to have a car than use public transport. So, you may find difficulties when searching for a parking space.

We have prepared for you a few useful tips on peculiarities of Dubai car park:

  1. Parking in Dubai is not simple at all. Above all, you have to remember that parking in some places is free and in some — paid. The paid parking lots can be private or municipal. All parking zones are divided into 3 categories—Commercial, Non-commercial, Special areas. Respectively, the charges and timing vary in each category.
  2. There are special parking meters to pay for the parking. After the payment, you will receive a check that you must put behind the windscreen. If you fail to pay the parking fee, you will get a 300 UAE fine.
  3. For those who want to go digital and hate paperwork, the Road and Transportation Authority offers a solution - mParking service. It enables you to pay parking fees through your phone. You will have to send an SMS in a special format. Shortly after, you will get a confirmation code. And by the way, you can extend your parking in the same way by replying to a reminder message from mParking.
  4. Another way to pay for parking in Dubai is through the RTA app. The payment is charged via SMS.

With the help of our recommendations, you will avoid fines for parking and have the most positive experience of driving in Dubai. And by the way, to get the maximum positive emotions, choose a supercar from our car list and feel the luxury beyond the limits.

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